Saturday, June 5, 2010

Berlin - Potsdamer Platz ...

... Potsdamer Platz (1975) ...

... 'walls are super fun' and
'Left or Right traffic sign'
graffiti ...

... watchtower and flood light ...

... Potsdamer Platz, in December 1979, showing
No Man's Land between the Outer Wall
(foreground) and Inner Wall (background).
View from a wooden scaffolding platform

... Potsdamer Platz (1973) by Matthias Koeppel ...

... After the building of the Wall, the "vanished"
Potsdamer Platz soon became a tourist attraction.
A viewing platform on the west side enabled people
to see what was happening across the border ...


... Leipzigerstraße, April 2010 ...
... the Fernsehturm/Television tower in the distance ...

... relics of the Berlin Wall ...

... Entrance hall of the new underground regional
train station
(Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz) ...

... Beisheim Center ...

... on the left side is the Bahn-Tower and
on the right side the Kollhoff-Tower ...

... A replica of the first set of traffic lights in Berlin
dating back to 1924 recalls the busy past here.
It was installed in 1997 ...


... street vendor of XXL pretzel ... (EN)
... is a type of European-descended baked good made from dough
in soft and hard varieties and savory or sweet flavors
often in a unique
knot-like shapes ...

... Ostermarsch für den Frieden / Easter peace march ...

Totally Tally! advertisment at Potzdamer Platz... (EN)
... This year, our TALLY Girl has chosen once again a very
special location for her big appearance. Being a Jet-Set Girl,
this place is her second home, a place where she’s comfortable,
a place where she feels sexy; the airport
... Tory Praver, the Cali-beauty who represents
the TALLY Girl,
was once more perfectly put into focus
by star photographer Matthias Vriens. ..

... Sony Tower with the edge of the Sony Center cupola ...

... the Forum ...
... Architect Helmut Jahn together with his Murphy & Jahn
Architects Office won the architectural competition
to design
Sony Center ... (EN)
by - Official site
A Fascinating Meeting Place ...

... The Riding Bikes (1998) by Robert Rauschenberg
in the background Weinhaus Huth (1911/1912)
(Potzdamer Platz' only historical building
that survived WWII)

... Tilla Durieux Park, the site of the former
Potsdamer Bahnhof railway terminus

Gigantic teeter-totters (called 'wippen' in Germany)
by DS Landscape Architects, centered in a landscape
of see-sawing berms which also look fun for play ...


... Erna Bergerstraße, near Potzdamer Platz.
Hidden behind the new buildings stands
a rare remaining GDR BT11 watchtower

(Beobachtungsturm-11), an observation tower
introduced in 1969. The top-heavy tower was
unstable and vulnerable to collapsing ...

Potsdamer Platz / Potsdam Square ... (EN)
... As a physical entity, Potsdamer Platz began as a few country
roads and rough tracks fanning out from the Potsdam Gate.
According to one old guide book, it was never a proper platz, but
a five-cornered traffic knot on that old trading route across Europe ...

... it was totally laid waste during World War II and then left desolate
during the Cold War era when the Berlin Wall bisected its
former location. Since German reunification, Potsdamer Platz
has been the site of extensive redevelopment ...

Ostermarsch für den Frieden / Easter peace march ... (EN)
Demonstrations mark 50 years of Easter peace marches
in Germany
by die Welle -
... The first Easter march for peace in Germany took place
in 1960 during one of the tensest periods in the Cold War.
50 years later the marches have spread across the country,
but their goal has remained the same ...